Mortal Kombat X has been out for a week or so and has been receiving rave reviews. Mortal Kombat X boasts an impressive roster including a wide range of new-comer fighters. This ensure that even those who are new to the series are equally rewarded.

Mortal Kombat fans shouldn’t be too surprise about the hidden stages. Same goes for the latest Mortal Kombat X in which there is a secret battle. Finding out this secret battle also rewards you with a trophy or achievement (depending on the platform) called ‘keep it a secret’. The secret battle can be accessed through the games Living Towers. Currently, it is in the Premier tower and chances of it changing the place when the tower refreshes after a week or so. Once you reach the sixth opponent, you have to win with a flawless victory as well as a fatality or a brutality. Winning this will grant you a fight with Reptile (yes, we  had hoped for a secret character or a costume) The only difference here is that this Reptile will be very challenging as compared to the normal one.


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