Finding fuel or other similar commodities to run your vehicle can be a bit of a task. If you are one of the several people who would rather be prepared of plummeting fuel prices or them dropping down or the person or someone who doesn’t like to travel  You might be interested in the app we are going to discuss today.

FuelUp is a great initiative from a Pakistani developer named @Basit Saeed. Basit explained to me how he thought it was a good idea to develop an app that will help people when it comes to finding fuel, checking fuel prices or checking for availability. I was impressed by the work he put in the app. FuelUp is a small, efficient app that gets your work done in a busy life. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

Screenshot_2015-04-11-17-51-38Upon launching the app, you will be taken to the screen above. If you already have an account there, simply sign in or register otherwise. Once you are inside the app, you will be presented with a rather simple screen that has dashes of Google’s Material Design. Basit told me how he used Google’s guidelines so if you are using a device running Android 5.x Lollipop, you will notice the design inside the app. The signing up process is rather simple, you will be asked your name, your email address and the city (most of the times the app will pick your city itself) I personally skimmed through the entire list and was impressed how even the smallest sector of the country was present. Once you are registered, you will be taken to the screen below:



As you can see, all the prices are listed above. Do know that the prices will be displayed according to the city you have selected and the prices will vary depending on the situation.

One amazing thing I found in this app is how it shows all the nearest gas stations in your city.


The app is designed to be fluid and has a VERY small effect on battery or the RAM. Apart from that, the app is designed to run on older devices that are still on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That being said, FuelUp is a really great initiative and we hope to see more improvements heading towards the app in the future.

Download link: FuelUp.

Checkout the official website: FuelUpApp.