Today MSI launched 3 new Brasell based ECO motherboards. The motherboards are; MSI N3050I ECO, N3150I ECO and N3700I ECO. All these 33 boards are feature rich and are based on the new 14nm technology. The processors being offered are dual and quad core celeron and pentium processors.

The motherboards will be passively cooled, making them the perfect choice for industrial or HTPC devices. Thanks to MSI’s amazing power-saving design foot print that is being featured on company’s latest ECO motherboards. Couple this with Intel’s latest SoCs that are extremely power efficient and only draw about 6ws of power. These new motherboards are built to run silent, cool and efficient. Below are the details about the 3 motherboards announced.

  • MSI N3700I ECO with Intel® Pentium® Quad-core N3700, 2.40GHz SoC
  • MSI N3150I ECO with Intel® Celeron® Quad-core N3150, 2.08GHz SoC
  • MSI N3050I ECO with Intel® Celeron®  Dual-core N3050, 2.16GHz SoC
  • 20150408_1

Speaking of the features, the motherboards are loaded with multimedia options. Few notable features are; 4k output, bluray playback and the ability to deliver 8 channel audio output via HDMI. The motherboards also come with 2  DDR3L-1600MHz SO-DIMM slots that support dual channel memory up to 8 gigs. We also have a total of 2 SATA 6Gb/s ports, one PCIe slot, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.4b, COM port