It is finally happening, HTC went ahead and revealed the HTC One M9+. We were already sure about the phone for quite some time thanks to all the rumours we have received in the past. The official specifications are somewhat similar to the ones suggested in the leaks. The main difference is the screen size. The leak suggested that the screen will be 5.5 inches with QHD resolution but it is confirmed that the phone will be having a 5.2 inches screen with QHD resolution.

HTC One m9

Other specifications include an octa-core, 64 bit Mediatek processor clocked at 2.2 gigahertz, the phone also supports LTE and there is a 3 gigs of RAM under the hood. Speaking of other qualities, the design on HTC One M9+ is quite similar to the design of it’s younger sibling. The two-toned colour scheme makes a return too. Then we have a finger print sensor on the front and a dual camera on the back.

HTC one m9+

The finger print sensor is touch based, this means that you won’t have to do any swiping; just touch the sensor with your registered finger and it will work. The camera is the same 20 mega pixel unit we have seen on the HTC One M9 but there is a depth sensor on the top. The rest of the specs remain the same.

HTC didn’t give any information about the price or the availability but it seems like the phone will be limited to China only.

What do you think about HTC One M9+? Was it a wise decision to move to MediaTek instead of Snapdragon? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: HTC.