Ever since the inception of smartphones, the need to personalise them kept on growing and growing. We are not talking about software level personalisation, the type of personalisation that, at times, exceeds all boundaries. I still remember the day I first saw the flashy housings for Nokia’s legendary 3310. I was awestruck by how they took a simple, bland housing and turned it into something extremely flashy.

Times have changed, phones with changeable housings have been replaced by unibody smartphones. While most phones these days have the option to change the back cover, or you can even customise it by adding a flashy case. However, there are people who don’t prefer the extra bulk that’s added by the weight and you can’t blame them, everyone would love their phone to be as slim and as lightweight possible and that can’t be achieved if we start using different cases.

Well, lucky for those who love to personalise there phones, there is a way out; technology is rapidly progressing and we are getting to see more and more everyday. The topic in concern today is customised skins for your smartphones. I’ve come across this company that manufactures skins of your own choice in a very economical price. At first I was reluctant to order since I’ve had bad experiences with skins from other companies (after removing the skin due to wear and tear the entire adhesive residue got stick to the phone’s back and I had to wash it using petrol) but I went ahead and placed the order. The order was placed on Friday morning and I got the confirmation message the same day along with another message that said that my order will be shipped on Saturday. Today morning I received my package.

Just like any tech lover would do I excitedly opened the package and found this cool looking packaging with the skin nicely tucked inside.


I quickly took out the skin to see how well it was cut and to my surprise the skin I ordered for my phone (Sony Xperia Z2) was precisely cut, at first I had doubts that the cut-out for flash would be too small but once I applied the skin, the doubt went away. Do keep in mind that applying the skin is extremely easy, simply follow the instructions that will be provided inside the package shown above and apply the skin carefully. Below is how my phone looked once the skin was applied.



The skin is using 3M material to ensure longevity and quality as well. The adhesive is strong and didn’t end up causing any air-bubbles. In simpler words; Vortex Accessories provided me with a flawless product and have themselves a loyal customers.

You can checkout the complete profile here. The custom skins can be made for your phones and laptops as well. They have a large variety of phone models listed and can make skins for you just the way you want and if you want something similar, they are also offering carbon fiber skins in different colours.


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