Asus went ahead and teased an odd looking GTX 970 yesterday dubbed as GTX 970 Turbo. The information we had at the time of the news was scarce. We were just presented a photo showing that the new GTX 970 will be having a white and red shroud along with a blower style cooler. Apparently, we have more information today and to our surprise, the GPU is just like any other GTX 970 available in market. The only difference we see here are the aesthetics.

The GTX 970 Turbo comes with the reference GM204-200-A1. There’s 4 gigs of GDDR5 memory on the board from which 3.5 gigs is accessible; something almost all the GTX 970 owners know about. But there’s nothing to worry about, despite having limitations; the GPU is still a solid performer. We also 1088 megahertz core clock and 1228 megahertz on boost.  In case you haven’t checked out how the GPU looks like; feast your eyes upon it below: