OnePlus has been teasing a new device for quite some time labeled as ‘game changer’, and on the weirdest day; the company finally decides to reveal what it is. A new phone? A smart-watch? You won’t be able to guess it and some will be completely awed as OnePlus’ new device is actually mini drone called DR-1. The drone itself is half the size of the OnePlus one itself. The frame size of the device is merely 2.75 inches and it only weighs 12.5 grams. By now you have realised that the drone is pretty much a toy. You’ll be able to get 5-8 minutes of flight time using the drone. OnePlus has packaged a tiny remote control for the drone as well.text-comparison

OnePlus left no stone unturned and posted one of the cheesiest pages we have seen in the industry. All in good humour though, their creative team is one of a kind. Despite being charged as an April fools joke, you can actually by the DR-1 for just $19.99. Do keep in mind that it’s a limited edition item and a “one time offer” as stated by OnePlus and the product page currently states that it’s sold out.

People who are interested can it get from here.


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