Nvidia’s GTX 900 series is a huge success and there’s no denying that. The greens launched GTX 970 and 980 last year and quickly dominated the price. Reason? Cheap prices coupled with solid performance. Honestly one of the best price/performance ratios we have seen. Today Asus announced the 20th anniversary Gold Edition of the GTX 980. It came as bit of a surprise and it was almost impossible to believe it since today marks 1st April and things tend to get ridiculous on this date but Asus assures that it’s actually happening.10953929_894346957288502_2342279859768717450_n

Similar to the siblings and the standard edition cards; GTX 980 Gold Edition is based on GM204 Maxwell architecture, it comes with 2048 shader cores, there are 64 ROPs, 128 TMUs. We get the same 4 gigs GDDR5 memory chip and a 256 bit interface. Speaking of the clocks; the core clock is 1317 megahertz on stock and 1431 on boost. As for the memory, it remains the same 7 gigahertz.11080942_894346983955166_5124853190448458281_n

The GTX 980 20th Anniversery Gold Edition comes with 12 phases for GPU and 2 for memory. This is coupled with DIGI+ II, Super Alloy Power Design, solid capacitors and chokes. There are two 8 pin power connectors for providing the power to the fans and last but not the least, the whole magic is tied up under a beautifully designed shroud which is black with gold accents. Not to forget; we also have a gold backplate. Asus claims that it is the fastest GTX 980.


No details on the pricing and availability but if this news is ACTUALLY true; chances are the availability will be limited.




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