Download the latest SSD-Z App, a small handy PC app that gives you complete details about your SSD Drive. This small application shows how powerful your SSD really is by giving you complete information about controllers, processing tech, NAND type etc. The App also shows you partition layout and S.M.A.R.T status. This new app looks a lot familiar with CPU-Z but the main difference is, it’s only for SSDs. The application also features a small benchmark tool to test the overall performance of your SSD drive.


Some features of SSD-Z:

  • Details of the controller and processing tech of NAND chips (for known devices).
  • Verify that TRIM is enabled for your system and SSDs. – S.M.A.R.T. status and full list of all the device’s available attributes.
  • List of all partitions. Including hidden, unmapped and boot partitions.
  • Benchmark IOPS, transfer speed and random access time (work in progress) – View the raw device identify data words.

SSD-Z is now available for download and you can download it by following the LINK:

Download SSD-Z v15.03.15b for Windows



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