dragon city 3.9 modded apk

You may have seen many Fictional movies where you find a big dragon flying around and making a lot of mess. Well, for gamers like us Dragons are not that bad, they are quite cute in some games. So, if you love dragons and want to raise your own dragon in a video game, then Dragon City is the best video game for you. In this online video game, You will get the opportunity to raise your own dragon, compete with the other dragons from all around the globe. Its a new role playing game (RPG) where player starts as a dragon breeder and ultimately becomes a dragon master. Now, the problem is, for breeding a perfect Dragon, you need a lot of money and resources. Now, here’s the good news we have the modded APK for Dragon City which is loaded with unlimited money. It means that you can use it to buy anything you want.

The modded APK that we are going to share is of the latest March 20, 2015 update and its version is Dragon City 3.1.27 Modded APK.

What’s New in Dragon City:

News system: Learn about the new stuff!
Regrow button: Grow the plants you obtained on your farms the previous time in more simple way.
This version also includes major technical improvements and bug fixes.

How to Download and Install Dragon City 3.1.27 Modded APK on Android:

dragon city

  • Download the latest Dragon City 3.1.27 Modded APK.
  • Uninstall the previous version of Dragon City if you have installed any.
  • Now Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. Now you can install APKs from different sources.
  • Place the downloaded APK on your Android device.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK and complete the installation process.
  • Once completed, start the app and now you have the latest Dragon City installed on your Android device with unlimited money.