Apple revealed the pricing of the three main versions of the Apple Watch during the Apple Spring forward event. The first Apple watch that revealed today was, The Apple Watch Sport which is made out of a special aluminium alloy which is 60 percent more tougher and durable than the regular alloy. The Apple Watch Sports will be available in both 38mm and 42mm versions and will cost around $349 and $399 respectively.


Then there’s the Apple Watch, which is nothing more than a classic version of the watch and it features a stainless steel body and its price varies on the band you choose. The price for the 38mm version varies from $549 to $1049 and the 42mm version price varies from $599 to $1099.

Now, here comes the big guy. The Apple Watch Edition is made out of 18k gold and its price is going to start from $10,000 for the 38mm version and $12,000 for the 42mm version. This one is a limited edition watch and will be offered in select Apple stores. Tim Cooks, however, didn’t reveal any further information.

If you are interested in these three new watches. Well, then you can test the first two versions out in any Apple retail stores starting from April 10 and can als pre-order the watch at the same date. The Apple Watch will be available in US, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, China, Canada and Australia in start.