Apple’s touch ID is a finger print identity sensor and it’s without any doubt one of the nicest addition in Apple iPhones and iPads. Apple’s touch ID, only allows the actual owner to unlock the device. The sensor reads and store the fingerprints of the owner and only he can unlock the device. This touch ID scanner increase the overall security and privacy of the owner. For some users, it’s nothing more than a blessing, but for some it’s a real problem. Many users reported that the touch ID, not being able to read their fingerprints properly and sometimes it’s taking a long time to finish the process. A simple fix of this issue is to retrain the touch ID sensory by feeding more details about your finger prints.


When a user add a finger in touch ID settings, iOS records it and then as you use you iOS device on daily basis and add fingerprints in different ways, the iOS will store all such data and will overall increase the accuracy of the sensor. If you’re are still getting problems while unlocking the device with your fingerprints then what you need to do is to open the TouchID & Passcode setting and then touch the fingers you’re having issues with. For example if you’re having problems unlocking the device with the index finger you need to add the new entry for that finger. The entry cell for that particular finger will be highlighted and it will also indicate that the entry has been completely added.

One thing that you need to keep in mind that you need to add the fingerprints in all possible ways. The more data that you’ll enter, the more accurate the sensor will perform. It’s a simple trick and it performs very well.  Let us know if that tricks works for you or not?