Sony introduced the PS4 Remote Play on it’s flagship Xperia Z3. The feature soon made its way to Xperia Z2 in form of an update. The PS4 Remote Play is a god-send  for all the hardcore gamers who at times tend to get lazy. Despite the app’s insane success, Sony decided to keep it limited to only Xperia Z2 and Z3. This was infuriating and frustrating for a lot of other people who wanted the same feature on their phone. Luckily, thanking the developer community of Android. An XDA developer named ‘TheScriptKitty’ ported the app that allows all the users who are not on Xperia devices to use PS4’s Remote Play functionality with ease. The port is still in beta stages and often acts glitchy on the latest Android Lollipop but it’s more than adequate to fill one’s needs.

Let’s take a look at all the available features of the app.

  • Root Check/APK Signature Check Disabled.
  • Connection Speed Check Removed.
  • Wifi Check Removed.
  • XML/JAR Dependencies Removed.
  • Downgraded Minimum Required SDK to 2.2.
  • Native DualShock 4 Support(Beta).


The first two points are important to note. First of all, you won’t be needing root access for this to work, secondly, having high speed internet is definitely a plus but not necessary. Not to forget, the app supports OS version as low as Froyo. The app can be downloaded as a zip package to flash using custom recovery or a standalone package. Let’s get started on how to use your Android as PS4.

Downloads: PS4 Remote Play (Zip) | PS4 Remote Play (Stand-alone)

  1. Create a secondary PSN account.
  2. Open the PS4 Remote Play app on your phone and sign in to your PSN account.
  3. On your PS4, go to Settings > Remote Play Settings > Add Device. You will be given a code, write it down for later use.
  4. Tap the next button on your Remote Play App on your phone and then skip the searching process.
  5. You will be asked for the code, enter the code that was given to you in the 3rd step.
  6. Once it has been completed, you will see a mirror on the PS4 Remote Play App.
  7. Log in again with your primary account and start playing.



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