After Sony didn’t announce a flagship smartphone at MWC 2015 a few days ago and just went ahead with a mid-ranger and a tablet; a lot of fans were disappointed as they started wondering whether Sony will release the phone at all or not. Good news for everyone who was waiting for the Sony Xperia Z4. We don’t have a proper announcement but we have some solid leaks that are showing the front chassis of the Xperia Z4 sized up against the current Sony flagship; Xperia Z3. What’s surprising is that apart from some cosmetic changes, we can’t see any major difference. However, the chassis is a bit thinner than the Xperia Z3. For those who don’t know, Xperia Z3 is just 7.3mm. So we can hope that Xperia Z4 falls under 7mm.

Take a look at the front chassis of both Xperia Z3 and Z4 compared side by side.


Here’s another shot from the top, as you can see, the microphone jack and the mic isn’t place next to each other.


Other pictures reveal that there are no micro sd card slot or the SIM slot on the right side. We also see no sign of magnetic charging port. It’s probably a prototype chassis and there will be more changes in the future. Last but not the least, the micro USB port is now on the bottom and it isn’t covered. This isn’t surprising since Sony’s latest M4 Aqua and Z4 Tablet have micro USB ports exposed and they are still waterproof. We’ll update you on more information as soon as it arrives. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks to FutureSupplier for the information.