Candy Crush is undoubtedly the most famous game on mobile platforms right now. The game was first released in 2012 on Facebook, and in November; the developer decided to bring it on the mobile operating systems as well. It’s been nearly 3 years and it is still popular as it was before, even more at some points. The developer is consistently updating the game and adding new content as well as more and more episodes.

The recent update is released on Windows Phone platform and it brings a plethora of changes that will ensure that all the Candy Crush fans are satisfied and have more to play. The new Candy Crush update brings several new episodes, challenges as well as obstacles. There are a total of 268 new levels, and new environments like Nougat Noir, Candy Calaboose and Charming Carnival.

The new update is only available for people who are running Windows Phone 8.1. The update can be downloaded from here.