AMD finally went ahead and announced their upcoming flagship GPU called AMD Radeon R9 390x. The GPU is based on the latest Fiji XT architect. The GPU was supposedly running the Showdown demo at Oculus Rift as well. Corporate vice president IPG at AMD tweeted this on his personal Twitter account.


Following the link takes us to TomsHardware’s website where we get more details about AMD’s upcoming flagship powering the Oculus Rift. Speaking of the GPU itself, from here on now, any information that you will be getting regarding this GPU will be based unconfirmed/unofficial but very. The R9 390x will e based on Fiji XT according to several, highly legit leaks. The GPU will also be the first one from AMD to feature high bandwidth memory or HBM.

Allegations also suggest that the AMD Radeon R9 390X will also come with a hybrid cooler. This isn’t the first time AMD bringing the hybrid cooler. The cooler first debuted on R9 295×2 which is considered as the fastest graphics card. As far as the specs of R9 390x are concerned, seems like it’ll be beating the GTX 980 as well. The R9 390x will be featuring 4096 stream processors, 4 gigs of HBM VRAM, 4096 bit interface and an insane 640 gigs bandwidth. On paper, this is almost 3 times faster than the beastly GTX 980.

We are speculating that Nvidia will be releasing the Titan X that was revealed yesterday to battle the R9 390x. Whatever the case, we hope we get to have more details on the GPU.


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