Seems like the rumours of Huawei manufacturing the next Nexus were true after all or to some extent. Kevin Yang who is the director of China Research at iSuppli shared on his Weibo account that Google has selected Huawei for the next Nexus. This isn’t very surprising since Huawei has emerged into a really popular brand with amazing smartphones. Sadly, the information doesn’t come with a solid evidence, but the fact that it was posted on iSuppli is a reason enough to believe. For those who don’t know, iSuppli is one of the biggest mobile analytics companies around.

There was another rumour making rounds that Google has chosen Huawei as the next Nexus maker but will only get 2 mid-ranged Nexus phones from Huawei and will shift to LG for the high end one. This seems to be a different case now. In case Google opts for Huawei, the chances are that the phone will be using Huawei’s proprietary Kirin chipset. This will prove really helpful for Huawei as the brand will get further recognition in international market. For more information, check out the Weibo account.