This just in, Nvidia just revealed the Titan X on their official Twitter page. Sadly, we don’t have any official specifications. But according to rumours, the GPU will be costing somewhere around $1,349 and will be coming with 12 GB v-ram. The GPU will be based on GM-200 architecture, For those who don’t know, GM 200 will be the successor to the very famous Kepler. According to several sources, the GM-200 will also be used in Nvidia’s upcoming Quadro M6000 GPUs. The Titan X will have 28nm processor and will have a massive amount of  3,072 CUDA cores, it will also have a 384 bit interface on a GDDR5. The card will also feature 96 ROPs. That’s all the news we currently have but as soon as there are more news, we’ll update you. Till then, feast your eyes on the official photo from Nvidia.

Titan X