Whoever said gaming is male dominant lied. The gaming industry is full of beautiful ladies who are known for only one thing; kicking ass. Gaming is something that started off as a hobby or a timepass. Who knew that this could turn into a revolution one day. Today, gaming industry is one of the biggest, most profitable industries in the world. Gaming is quickly taking over, and at times, the spectacle feels so big that it sucks you in and makes you a part of it. Perhaps that’s the beauty of it.

Today, we take a moment and appreciate the beautiful, and bad-ass ladies of the gaming world and how they won our hearts. Even though they are just a collection of several thousand polygons, we won’t stop crushing over them.


Zafina – Tekken

No list is complete without a lady or two from the Tekken universe. Zafina is relatively new in the roster but she’s a total darling. She first debuted in Tekken 6 and is also present in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Zafina’s origin are unknown, several citations call her Indian while others simply state that it’s not known. Her fighting style is one of the biggest reasons she’s added into the list. Zafina’s fighting style is known as ‘Ancient Assassin Arts’ her moves are extremely powerful when used in the right way. She can fight using 3 different fighting stances, these stances; tarantula, praying mantis and scarecrow. Each fighting stance comes with different set of moves that can be combined together to ger devastating combos.


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is one of the oldest female protagonists, her presence spans over 2 decades and I still remember time the first Tomb Raider came out. The remnants of a triangular Lara Croft are forever. The newest Lara Croft is more bad-ass than she ever was and she’s drop dead gorgeous. We got to play the recent reboot that released back in 2013 and it was one of the greatest games of that year. Lara was no longer an innocent explorer, she was tough as a nail and knew how to survive. The sequel to that game is coming this year and we are excited to see Lara return, surely she’ll be fiercer than ever.


Ada Wong – Resident Evil

Remember the beautiful zombie killing lady who dresses up in red? Yes, we are talking about Ada Wong. Though Resident Evil franchise is full of women kicking zombie ass, Ada Wong tops them all off. With her short hair and red dress, no one can forget her. Her first appearance was in Resident Evil 2 which I believe was the best Resident Evil game till date. She’s made several appearances every now and then and she’s always kicking ass. The best thing about Ada? Apart from kicking ass, she’s a total mystery. Even the name ‘Ada Wong’ is a pseudonym. How mysterious this woman is?


Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect

Miranda Lawson takes a place in our list for being an intelligent and a kick ass partner in Mass Effect. Her first appearance was in Mass Effect comics and she has been fighting alongside Commander Shepherd ever since. She’s a known Cerberus operative and an expert in combat. Miranda Lawson fights best with heavy pistols and sub-machine guns and she powers such as warp, overload and slam. Miranda is a worthy, powerful ally and a loyal friend.


Triss Merigold – The Witcher

Triss Merigold is one of the most important ladies in the gaming world. She first appeared on The Witcher that debuted on PC. She’s a mage and a sorceress known for her powerful magic. Triss is also known as a powerful healer and carries a plethora of potions with her. Triss is also known to be allergic to magic which is why she can’t use it on herself. Triss happens to be a potential love interest of Geralt, the game’s protagonist. She’s been with Geralt ever since the original Witcher and acts as a recurring character.


Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

You can’t complete a list without adding Faith Connors; commonly known as Faith in the list. Faith made her first on-screen debut in Mirror’s Edge, the game was warmly received and is one of the most original and fun games I’ve ever played. Faith is a part of a group called Runners. Runners are highly skilled parkour experts who carry sensitive information with them. Faith is known to be a parkour, hand-to-hand combat and a weapons expert. This makes her one of the most bad-ass ladies in the gaming world.


Kitana – Mortal Kombat

Kitana is one of my favourite Mortal Kombat characters. She made her first debut in Mortal Kombat II and have been appearing ever since. She’s a fierce warrior and is a loyal stepdaughter of Shao Kahn. She also happens to be a love interest of another Mortal Kombat character Liu Kang. Kitana is known for using her iconic steel fans. Though her weapons changed over the years and she will be using a Bo in the latest Mortal Kombat X. Kitana also happens to be extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat.


Bayonetta – Bayonetta

The last lady on our list is none other than Bayonetta from Bayonetta. She’s witch and she’s extremely proficient in combat regardless of the weapon she chooses. She’s both stylish and mysterious and she happens to belong to a clan called Umbra Witches. Bayonetta’s special talent is ‘bullet arts’, it is a fighting style used by Umbra Witches in which they used melee combat as well as two handed firearms to fight off their enemies. Bayonetta is known to be calm when she faces any danger. However, her playful side shows off her sadistic nature.