Bad news for people who were planning to buy the HTC One M8, HTC just confirmed that the company will be discontinuing last year’s HTC One M8 and will be bringing in a revised version of the same phone called HTC One M8s. Now this was a rumour for quite some time but it has been confirmed now by HTC Europe.


So, what’s the change we are going to see in the HTC One M8s? Well, the specs are all the same apart from one thing; instead of featuring the Snapdragon 801 SoC. The HTC One M8s will come with a newer, though slower Snapdragon 615 octa-core chip that also happens to be 64 bit. This was rumoured as HTC One M8i. Seems like the rumour is true but the name is changed now. The reason for this change is that the company needed to make sure that the sale of One M8 continues, and apart from that, the Snapdragon 615 is new and has a 64 bit architecture. The rest of the specs will remain the same.

We don’t know anything about the pricing or availability or how soon HTC will be replacing the original One M8. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to Tweakers for the news.


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