Capcom released the first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 recently. Sadly, the game doesn’t come with local co-op mode. This mode would have been great if it was added by default. However, for those who think this feature was necessary and were disappointed by Capcom. There’s a good news. The brilliant modding community have designed a mod that lets you unable the co-op mode locally. This means you can call your friend to come over and join you in epic adventure of killing zombies.

Though there are some bugs according to the creator of the mod. The creator states that after applying the mod, if the players use the keyboard, it will have an effect on both the players so the best way to overcome this, it is necessary that both the players use controllers. Users who are willing to download the mod can head to FluffyQuack’s Steam page and download the mod. You can read the entire description below:

Fluffy Manager 5000 is a mod manager and trainer combined in one! It might look a little bit rough around the edges, but it should work just fine and it’s updated whenever I find the time.

Feature list:

  • Mod managing! Automatically takes file backups and automatically restores them when a mod is uninstalled.
  • Trainer! Change screen mode or play local splitscreen coop!
  • Supports a bunch of other games! Like RE HD, RE4, RE5, RE6, RE: Revelations, and Devil May Cry 4. There’s especially a bunch of trainer functions for RE6.
  • Made with the magical power of handpuppets.

Remember to read the readme.txt about information on how to set up Fluffy Manager 5000 and how it works.


Download Link.