When it comes to aftermarket, beefed up peripherals which are equally sturdy and fancy, Mad Catz is the way to go. The company’s been providing amazing peripherals for your gaming needs and unlike Razer, Mad Catz love to be experimental; their R.A.T series of mice is one of the weirdest, and the most gorgeous looking mice I’ve seen. That is not all, Mad Catz has their own Android based console called M.O.J.O. The company is supposed to take stage at the MWC today but it seems like they were in a bit of hurry as they had just announced to new controllers. One is called S.U.R.F.R and the other one is called L.Y.N.X 3. Without further ado, lets take a look at both the controllers.

The first controller we have is S.U.R.F.R, now it looks good but it is somewhat of a downgrade from what we have seen from Mad Catz in the past but we are not going to complain. This particular controller is sort of built for everything. There’s a full QWERTY keyboard at your disposal, as well as left and right analog sticks, you will also get action buttons, shoulder buttons and a d-pad; last but not the least, this controller also comes with a mouse pointer input. Pretty amazing to be honest.

S.U.R.F.R is designed to be compatible with any Android device, this includes Android TV, smartphones and tablets, the controller can also connect with PC and a number of other devices. The controller will go on retail for $79.99 and will be available in black, red and white. We don’t have an exact release date for the controller but it looks like it will be launched pretty soon. Take a look at the beauty below.


Next up we have the L.Y.N.X 3. This is supposed to be the little, affordable brother of L.Y.N.X 9 what was announced back at CES 2015. When we first saw the elder brother, it looked no less than something that popped out of the Transformer movies. The L.Y.N.X 3 does manage to look futuristic enough. However, it will be the cheaper version of what’s already available in the market. This controller also supports a large list of Android devices, it comes with a fold out design. You get 2 analog sticks, a d-pad along with the four usual buttons you find on a controller, you also get 2 shoulder buttons. However, since it’s the cheaper version of L.Y.N.X 9, Mad Catz got rid of the tablet and the keyboard dock. This also allows the controller to be a lot more compact and light-weight. L.Y.N.X 3 will be sold for $69.99 and will go on retail in May. In addition to that, Mad Catz will be showing off both of these controllers at MWC so keep your eyes peeled.


Sources: S.U.R.F.R | L.Y.N.X 3



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