The big day has begun and HTC has unveiled their flagship smartphone HTC One M9. Alongside with HTC One M9, HTC announced  Vive a virtual reality headset that is developed in collaboration with Valve, a video game development company. The company announced that they will release the developer edition in Spring season and it will be available to consumers somewhere in 2015.


HTC’s Jeff Gattis explained that the new HTC Vive offers 90Hz refresh rate and 360 degree views. The company says in a press release that it it’s the first device that offers “full room-scale” experience, “letting you get up, walk around and explore your virtual space, inspect objects from every angle and truly interact with your surroundings. Gattis added at MWC that “It’s also really light, so you can wear it for a long time without feeling weighed down.”

The company also announced that it will be available with a pair of HTC made wireless controllers for touching different objects or shooting weapons. Jeff also said, They’re “designed to be so versatile that they will work with a wide range of VR experiences.” Jeff also said, they are working with different partners such as HBO and Lionsgate to increase the overall experience.


On the other HTC was quick and the website for HTC Vive is Live and ready for business. You can check out their official website and get more details about the product. Until then, watch the video out.


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