Google announced it’s biggest Android update, back in October 2014. The OS debuted with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 and is currently rolling on several non-Nexus devices. Currently LG, HTC, Samsung and Motorola are among the first OEMs to roll out the latest update on their flagship phones while Sony announced that it will be bringing the Lollipop goodies on the entire Xperia Z series.

The reason Android Lollipop is being called the biggest update yet is because Google pretty much changed everything about Android and made it even better than it was when Kitkat was once released. The old Dalvik is gone and ART (Android Runtime) is in charge making the apps more faster when launched. Apart from that, the entire interface has been revamped and Material Design is now in charge. The interface is more flat and colourful as compared to Kitkat and the colour white has been emphasised. Needless to say, it looks brilliant.

Since the OS is relatively new, there are a lot of things many users are unaware about. We are going to look at all the tips & tricks as well as hidden features/easter eggs in this post. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at all the possible things you can do on your Android device running Lollipop.

Flappy Bird Easter Egg

Who doesn’t know about Flappy Bird? The torturous game dominated Android last year and quite simply reached the fame that was once held by Angry Bird. The game was excruciatingly difficult. The fame, however, was short lived as the game was soon taken down by the developer. Google sort of decided to pay homage to the great game by adding an easter egg. We all know how Google puts an easter egg in all the Android versions. The bird has been replaced by the green Android. To access this easter egg, simply to get to settings > about phone and repeatedly tap the ‘Android Version’ and the game will start. Enjoy the ride.

Screen Pinning

Google took the security to a whole new level and announced screen pinning in the latest Android. For those who are wondering what it is and how it improves the security. The screen pinning is the feature you can use to pin the screen you are on. Once a screen has been pinned, no other screen can be accessed apart from the screen you pinned. This is really useful when you are handing your phone to a friend who likes to visit every single section of the phone. To enable screen pinning, simply go to settings > security and turn on screen pinning. Then go to the screen you’d like to pin and press the overview button, scroll up and tap the pin button on the bottom right to pin the screen. Similarly, to unpin the screen, simply press the back button and overview button together and the screen will be unpinned.

Battery Saver

Before Android Lollipop, OEMs have been adding their own battery saving modes in their phones. Sony, HTC and Samsung are among the first few to do this. However, Google’s finally decided to add its own battery saving mode in Android Lollipop. Once you turn it off, several of the phone’s features will be turned off. You can enable it through out the entire battery or automate it to be activated on a set battery time. To access the battery saving; go to settings > batter and tap the menu icon.

Priority Notifications

When it comes to handling notifications, Android Lollipop has a very neat feature called ‘Priority Notifications’ It is a feature that lets you decide which notification you want your device to show and which notification you want blocked. To access this feature, go to settings > sound & notification > interruption and then choose how you want your phone to handle notifications.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock is my personal favourite feature of Android Lollipop. It’s a new way of unlocking your screen that doesn’t rely on sliding or entering pin codes. Smart lock unlocks your phone as soon as you step in a safe proximity and by safe proximity it means a trusted bluetooth/NFC device gets in touch with your phone. To use this feature; simply go to settings > security > smart lock and then choose the Bluetooth devices you want trust.

Tap & Go

Tap & Go is another amazing feature that was announced by Google. This feature makes it a lot easier for the users to migrate to another device without worrying about losing their apps or other important data. This feature allows the users to easily transfer their data that is backed up on Google account to their other device. This also involves all the apps as well as their data too. This feature works through NFC and bluetooth. The NFC is used for pairing the devices and then bluetooth transfers the data. Amazing, isn’t it?

Tap to Wake

While this feature was already added by Sony and LG, Google officially introduced this handy feature for people who don’t like to press the power button everry time to unlock their device. They simply need to double tap your screen to wake it. Amazing, isn’t it?


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