When it comes to taking notes efficiently, there’s nothing better than having a smartphone to do so. Yes, some people still stick to the traditional ways of keeping a pen and diary but if you want to take notes as quickly as it gets, it’s better to rely on technology. Even though almost all the latest Androids come with note taking apps but if yours isn’t one of them, there’s nothing to worry as the Google Play Store is filled with apps that will take notes for without any issue. There are several note taking apps but not every app is bound to get the job done.

Lucky for you, we have narrowed down a list of best note taking apps for Android. Check them out below.

Any.Do Task List

The first app on our list is Any.Do Task List. This is one of the best note taking apps that are available on the Google Play Store. Apart from the ability to take notes. Apart from conventional note-taking, you can also make to-do lists for tasks that you are willing to complete. You can then put tasks in separate folders according to their category and even share them with people you would want to. One of the best things about this app is the ability to delete your tasks just by shaking your phone and if you don’t feel like typing your notes, simply press the microphone button and start speaking and the app will automatically convert your speech into text. Amazing, isn’t it? Last but not the least, the app comes with a black and a white theme so you can customise it to your liking.

Google Keep

Need an app for taking notes? Don’t forget Google Note, Google did a really good job with this app. Google Keep is one of the best note taking apps and it looks gorgeous thanks to the material design and not to mention, it’s super fast and it can work on your computer as well as your smart phone with seamless syncing. Means you can save a note on your computer and it will appear on your device and vice-versa. Google Keep also lets the users attach multimedia files such as images to their notes, this gives them a visual flare and make them personal and if you are feeling artsy, you can always change the colours of the notes you are going to add, this feature makes Google Keep stand out.


The last app on our list is Evernote and just like Google Keep, it is also considered one of the best note-taking apps that are available on Android. Apart from being amazing with features and handling it’s also free. With Evernote, you can record voice-memos, create to-do lists and make notes of things you need to do. Evernote also lets you add video, audio and images in your notes. The notes will be synchronised seamlessly across different platforms so you don’t have to worry about losing your important stuff or not being able to access it. You can even share your notes via Twitter and Facebook. Last but not the least, Evernote lets the users write notes in their own hand-writing which makes it a lot more personalised than other note taking apps.



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