The Android Smartphones are powerful multimedia devices that come with great features and a powerful hardware. These features and hardware need a lot of resources and power to keep working and to provide the maximum performance. The end result is they need to consume a lot of battery in order to work perfectly. Normally, If you’re running an Android device and you’re an enthusiast user, you would have noticed already that its charging lasts only for a day. Why is that? Because this is how Android works. So, what to do then? Well, if you’re facing this issue and you don’t need to worry, there are many third party battery saver apps available at the Play Store. These apps will help you manage your battery consumption by killing the unnecessary apps and processes that are running in the background.

Here is the list of Top 5 Battery Saver Apps for your Android device.

Battery Doctor:


Battery Doctor is without a doubt the best battery saving app available for Android. It consistently checks for background processes and if it finds the unusual processes it will effectively kill all such processes to save the battery. It also checks for WiFi and other network connections. If you left the WiFi ON and you are not using any data, then it will automatically turn it OFF to save the battery of your Smartphone. The Battery Doctor gives you a detailed overview of the running the apps and list the apps that are consuming the major part of your battery. The App also tells you the remaining battery life and it also allows you to underclock the CPU clock when the device is in standby mode. The App is available for free and has received nice reviews from many Android users.

DU Battery Saver:


DU Battery Saver is another popular battery saver app for Android that can allow you to save the maximum battery life. The App comes with various pre-set options and intelligent modes to save the battery. A one tap “Optimize” button is available that closes all the unnecessary processes when you press it. It has a live monitor tab which gives you a realtime overview of the current running processes. You can also add its widget on your home screen to easily access the app functionalities.

Easy Battery Saver:

nq-battery-saver-scr easy-battery-saver-scr

Easy Battery Saver is another great app for your Android device. The app comes with four saving modes like General Power Saving Mode, Intelligent Power Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and Advanced Customized Mode. The app also guides the users how we can use the app effectively. Easy Battery Saver is one of my favorite battey saving app.

NQ Easy Battery Saver:


NQ Battery Saver is another popular app that offers different ways to extend your battery life. Like all other apps, it also allows you to kill unwanted processes. The new version has a feature called Smart Assistant which shows on the side of the screen. It’s a one touch command button that kills all the unwanted background processes. It’s a clean, simple and a small but powerful battery saving app.

Go Battery Saver:


Go Battery Saver, another popular app by Go Team. The developers behind the popular Go Launcher Ex. It has a nice and a professional UI. This battery saver app is full of nice features and has different widgets too. The App also allows you to save battery efficiently and give a realtime report of background processes and also gives an estimate of the remaining battery.


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