Android smartphones are getting better and better with each passing day. The technology is rapidly involving and each smartphone is better than the last one. With so many features included, these smartphones tend to fall short on the battery department specially if you are consistently using all the features at once. While we can’t really do much about the battery capacity apart from living with what we have, but there are ways we can control how our phone uses the battery.

Luckily there are apps that can help you monitor how the battery on your phone is utilised as well as help you control the battery usage in check. While these apps don’t have a drastic effect, but if used in a correct way, you can save a couple of hours using these apps. It all depends on how you use the app. These apps come with presets as well as the ability to create your own profiles and decide which features you want and don’t want. Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at all the apps that can help you save some battery on your Android phone.

Easy Battery Saver

unnamedThe first on our list is Easy Battery Saver that is available on Google Play Store for free. This is a very simple looking app that has an amazing functionality with lots and lots of features. Easy Battery Saver comes with 4 power saving modes, these modes are best suited for people with different needs, one mode even has the ability to customise the features you want or don’t want. In case you get confused with too many features, the app does come with a tutorial that will help you decide which mode is the best for you. It’ll also teach you how to use the app without getting lost in the features. Easy Battery Saver is the best app for people who are looking for simple and easy to use app that gets the job done

Battery Doctor

71w8sQrixYLWhen it comes to being the best, Battery Doctor comes to mind without even wasting a second. Battery Doctor can easily be called the best battery saving apps that one can download on their phone. Not only it’s light, it is also packed features you don’t normally get in the apps. First of all, this app comes with a 3 step charging that makes sure that your phone battery gets charged properly. Apart from that, you get the standard battery profiles. One thing I really love about this app is the fact that with root access, this app gets the ability to turn off the cores of your device’s processors when they are not being used. This drastically improves battery life on multi-core devices.

Battery Doctor also has the ability to hibernate the apps which are draining too much battery. This is ideal for people who have too many apps installed on their phone and don’t know which app is killing the battery. Last but not the least, Battery Doctor gives an accurate presentation regarding how much battery time you have left.

Go Battery Saver

unnamed (1)The last one comes from the guss behind the famous Go Launcher. Go Battery Saver is one of the most feature-packed battery savers and is completely free. Apart from being feature-packed. Go Battery Saver is simply one of the best looking battery saving apps out there. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise since this app is from the team behind Go Launcher. Go Battery Saver also comes with a widget that offers personalised UI design to the users. All in all, Go Battery Saver is the app designed for people who love the visual flare and at the same time, demand the functionality.


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