You may be familiar with the concept of Recycle Bin and how it works on Microsoft Windows. In case, if you accidentally remove some important files, Recycle Bin gives you an option to restore them back to its original location. The Recycle Bin is definitely useful for all those who love to delete files to make free space. This feature is good for the Windows users, but such feature is not available on your Android device.

On Android, when you delete any file, it gets deleted permanently and there is no way to restore them back and Android don’t have the feature of restoring the files. So, what to do in such situations? Well, Thanks to the third party apps available in the market. The one that I like personally is Dumpster. Dumpster works exactly like recycle bin and you can restore all your deleted content with this app. So, if you have Dumpster installed, you don’t need to worry about your files.

How to Get Recycle Bin Feature on Android with the help of Dumpster.

First of all, you need to download and install Dumpster on your Android device.

Once installed, open the app and accept all the terms and conditions.

After accepting the terms and conditions, select all the file types that you want Dumpster to save when they are deleted and tap next. If you have a rooted device, then this app will perform all the functions.

That’s it. Dumpster is now configured and now you can restore all the deleted files.


If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.


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