Namco Bandai released the opening video for the upcoming highly anticipated Tekken 7 video game, launching in Japanese game centers on February 18. The video features Heihachi and Kazuya fighting in a volcano. This is what Heihachi says when fighting:

Heihachi: Let’s settle the score. I’ll end you here.
Kazumi: I must stop Heihachi. Even if I am swallowed up by this power and lose my life.

The woman who says, she must stop Heihachi is Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi’s wife. The new Tekken 7 looks pretty exciting and it utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 and the new “Power Crash” and “Rage Arts” game systems. Previously, Namco announced some new characters for Tekken 7 and it includes Lucky Chloe, Claudio, Katarina and for the first time a character from Saudi Arabia, Shaheen.




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