Sony released the much awaited Xperia Z3 in September, last year. The phone however wasn’t a big upgrade over it’s predecessor. We got a better design and a camera with better ISO option. Apart from that, you are looking at the same package that is being offered by Xperia Z2. If you are one of the people who recently got an Xperia Z3 and you are looking to root your phone, you are on the right place. The following guide will help you root your Xperia Z3 without any hassle. Though you should keep in mind that this rooting method requires the user to unlock the bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader means you will be losing your DRM keys that are responsible for the functionality of proprietary Sony features such as Super-Vivid mode.

Note: Rooting your Sony Xperia Z3 will void your warranty. If you are reluctant about losing your warranty status, it is advised to go against rooting the phone. Though the process is very straight-forward, any damage done to the device during the process will be your own responsibility. Once you have acknowledged these facts, you can get forward to the rooting guide.


Before you start rooting your Sony Xperia Z3, you are going to need some files downloaded. The files are listed below along with their download links.

  • First of all, we are going to need Fastboot. Download it and extract it on your desktop.
  • Then we are going to need the advanced stock kernel. Download it and place it at place that is easy to access. Download it from here
  • Lastly, you are going to need SuperSU zip. You can download it from here. Just so you don’t get confused, it is advised to keep all the files on your desktop.
  • You are going to need an unlocked bootloader, for unlocking it, go to this page and read the instructions.

Flashing Custom Recovery on Your Xperia Z3

Now that everything is in order, we are going to head towards flashing a custom recovery.

  1. Extract the files from Fastboot you downloaded earlier on your desktop.
  2. Enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Developer options > USB Debugging.
  3. Plug in your Xperia Z3 to your PC using the USB Cable.
  4. Launch the Command Prompt and make sure you launch it using administrator mode.
  5. Type the following command in the CMD.
    adb reboot fastboot
  6. You will see your device rebooting in fastboot mode.
  7. Once you are in the fastboot mode, type in the following command.

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

  8.  It should flash the boot image on your Xperia Z3.
  9. Once the image has been flashed, type in the following command.

    fastboot reboot

  10. Your device will root now. Congrats, you have finally installed a custom recovery on your Xperia Z3. Now it’s time to root your phone.

 Rooting The Xperia Z3

Now that everything has been taken care of, it is time to root your Xperia Z3. Follow the simple steps below and gain root access on your phone.

  1. Plug the device to your PC using the micro USB cable.
  2. Once plugged in, copy the you downloaded earlier into the root of your internal memory and unplug the device once it’s copied.
  3. Turn off your device.
  4. Once the device is turned off, wait for at least 5 seconds and turn it back on by pressing volume up and power button together.
  5. You will now see that you are in the CWM recovery you flashed recently
  6. Navigate to ‘Install Zip from SD Card’ and then select the you copied.
  7. Once you see the prompt, select yes and wait for a minute or so.
  8. Once the flashing is done, reboot your device from within the CWM.
  9. Congrats, you now have a rooted Xperia Z3 with unlocked bootloader. You can now install apps that required root access in the past and even install custom ROMs.