The biggest thing Android is famous for is its unique customization. Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android allows you to customize your Android experience the way you like. On Android, you can change the stuff like changing screen transitions, fonts, icons and a lot more. However, there are hundreds of launchers available in the market with their own customization abilities that will customize your device to the next level.

You can make your home screen simple or complicated as you wish with the help of third party launchers. If you’re stuck with a boring out of the box home screen, then its time to choose the best launcher for Android. We have gathered a list of top 5 Android launchers of 2015 and listed all their features.

Top 5 Android Launchers of 2015:

Action Launcher:


Action Launcher is an amazing launcher available that will totally change the interface of your Android home screen from what you would expect in a normal launcher. The Action Launcher 3 works perfectly with Android 5.0 Lollipop and is available in both paid and free version. The paid version has some extra features and it costs $4.99. You can try the free version of the launcher by downloading it from here.

Google Now Launcher:


If you’re looking for a pure clean Android experience then Google Now Launcher is the best launcher for you. Google Now launcher is officially released by Google and it comes pre-installed on Nexus phones. The transitions are quick and clean and it doesn’t consume much memory. The only drawback this launcher has is it’s not that much customizable. You can download Google Now Launcher by following this link.

NOVA Launcher:


Nova Launcher is another amazing launcher available for Android. It offers a bunch of animations, folder views and a lot more. Nova Launcher is available in both free and paid versions. The paid versions costs $4.00 for the premium upgrade and it offers many amazing customization options. You can try the free version by following the link.

Zeam Launcher:


Zeam is another popular launcher with no special customizations at all but it’s one of the fastest launcher available. It’s available for free and you can customize your home screen to a certain level. If you’re running a low end Android device then Zeam launcher is best for you. You can download the launcher by following the link.

Apex Launcher:


Apex Launcher is another popular launcher that offers the similar range of functions as Nova. You can change the scrolling, icon tray size, adjust home screen and customize various gesture commands. There is a wide range of third party themes available in the market that will increase your overall experience. Currently, It’s available in both free and paid versions. The paid version offers many new features and you’ll surely fall in love in this amazing launcher. You can try this launcher by following this link.


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