AirPlay is an amazing feature of Apple that lets you stream all your favorite content like photos, music, videos and share with other Apple AirPlay users. Airplay not only lets you share your content, but you can also use it to watch all your content on your big TV screen or LED from the comfort of your couch. To setup AirPlay mirroring all you need is a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV and a new generation iPhone. Well, we recommend to use at least an Apple iPhone 4S or newer, a new iPod Touch or iPad can also do the job. Other than that, you need a few apps like Relfector and XMBC that allow you to connect AirPlay Mirroring with a MAC.

Setting up AirPlay Mirroring is pretty easy and it won’t take more than 10 minutes. We have written a complete and easy guide that will allow you to watch and play all your content on a big screen.

How to Set Up AirPlay Mirroring:

First of all, if you’re an old school iOS user, I mean, if you are using iOS 7 then make sure your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same wireless network. However, if you are on iOS 8 then you don’t need to worry about this issue.

Now, swipe up from the bottom to bring up the controller screen. You will see the AirPlay button on the bottom right tap it.


Toggle the Mirroring option on the right (green/on). Now, your device will find the nearby Apple TV. Tap on anyone that you want to connect with.


There you have it. Your device is now synced with Apple TV.

Apple AirPlay Mirroring is great if you love to see all your content on a big screen. You can use it to watch your recorded videos, photos and a lot more. You can also use it to check your recently captured selfie on a huge screen. One thing I forgot to mention is that, most of the iOS games are 100% compatible with AirPlay. If you are on iOS 6 you can still use AirPlay but there were 100s of complaints regarding poor image quality/shuttering and lag time associated with AirPlay Mirroring.

If you are stuck at any point please let us know in the comments section.