Dying Light is the latest and greatest from Techland, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Dead Island. But don’t worry, it is nothing like Dead Island.. Yes, there are some elements borrowed but apart from those, Dying Light is an entirely different game and that is one of the best things about it. It is an open world, survival/horror game but unlike most of the gems of this genre, it has a twist. Dying Light features a day/night circle that makes it stand out from the rest. Apart from changing the environment, the game also amps up the difficulty level by adding more zombies as well as making them more aggressive and faster. But playing through the night is optional, if you want to skip the night, simply go to a safe house and sleep. However, if you are daring enough, you can survive the entire night and earn double points for everything you do.

Today we are going to explore all the aspects of Dying Light as well as some collectibles that can be obtained while you are out in the open, caving zombie skulls in or simply running away from them.


Dying Light can be classified as a role-playing game of sorts. The game has a skill-tree that is focused on 3 different skills. The skill-tree is something that will look familiar to those who have played Far Cry 3. Each skill-tree is different and is focused on different aspects of the player. The skill tree works in the progression system. Player will be rewarded points for the things they will do in the game. The skills are; Agility, Power and Survivor. Let’s take a brief look at these 3 skills.

Agility: As the name suggests, the agility skills are based on player’s ability to free-running. Dying Light’s free running matches the like of Mirror’s Edge and is a treat to utilise. The better upgrades you have in this skill-tree, the better you will be able to traverse the city.

Power: This skill is focused on the player’s ability of shedding out damage to the enemies (humans and zombies). Apart from that, this skill-tree also focuses on how well the weapons are handled, increasing their overall durability.

Survivor: As compared to the rest of the skills, this skill-tree gets upgraded when player completes several side missions or the story missions. These skills are focused on the player’s way of taking damage and other aspects such as increasing the total capacity of your backpack or increasing the amount of damage you can withstand.

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What Are Quarantine Zones

Dying Light has a total of 8 quarantine zones spread across the entire map. Five of the quarantine zones can be found in the slums, as for the other 3; players can find them spread across the old-town, Once you discover a quarantine zone, a red biohazard icon will appear on your map. Most quarantine zones are labeled with hard difficulty but with the help of the right skills and weapons, going through them isn’t that difficult. Most of the quarantine zones are for killing zombies, however, you can find a lot of supply drops in some of them. Completing all 8 of them will grant you an achievement or a trophy, depending on the platform you are playing on.

Clothing in Dying Light

Dying Light gives us the ability to customise our character’s appearance, the customisation is only cosmetic and doesn’t run too deep. This  means you can only change the looks of your character. The game offers a total of 7 outfits that you can unlock. There are more that will be granted as DLCs. Once you unlock all the outfits, you can simply change them by heading to your nearby player stash and selecting the one you like the most. The names of outfits that can be unlocked are listed below.

  • Fresh clothes.
  • Athlete.
  • Scout.
  • Survivor.
  • Headhunter.
  • Juggernaut.

Blueprints & Crafting

Blueprints are scattered throughout the world of Harran and are rewarded at times for completing different quests. Blueprints can also be find in hidden crates and dead bodies. Once you have found a blueprint, you can that create a weapon out of that using the required material to craft a weapon. While some of the blueprints turn out into really powerful weapons, others don’t deal much damage. But you can always sell the weapons you don’t want.

Dying Light also gives the player the ability to craft items using the material found in the world. Players can craft different sorts of stuff using the materials they have in their possession. Weapons, med-kits, lock-picks, flares and fire-crackers are among some of the things players can craft. One of the good things about Dying Light is the fact how all the crafting materials are put into one section so it doesn’t confuse players or by mistake make them sell the important material needed to craft a powerful weapon.

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How to Find a Gun

Dying Light is one of the few games that focuses on the player’s ability to survive on the given equipment, once you start the game, it won’t be easy for you to find a firearm since they are only available once you progress in the game. However, if you are still in the early phases and you’re looking for a firearm, there is a way to get your hands on one. Open the main map of the slums and look for a small house that is located on the south-east, once you go there, you will find a pile of food and water and a sign saying that they are free to take. Go inside the house and you will find a man who has shot himself with the pistol, look near his body and you will find the pistol. You can pick that pistol up and use it.

Caution: Firearms aren’t supposed to be used widely, the ammo is scarce and firing a shot will attract an awful lot of zombies your way. It is also advised to use firearms on human enemies since they are a bit harder to kill.

Be The Zombie Mode

One of the best and most surprising things about Dying Light is its Be The Zombie Mode. The name pretty much explains it all, in this mode, players get to fulfill their dreams of playing as a zombie. It works in a quite ingenious way, this mode lets the player become a zombie and freely raid other games as a zombie. Once the players raid the other game, the human opponents will be given the task to kill all the spawning hives in the area they will be playing in. To win, the zombies must kill all the human(s) to stop them and the human(s) should do the same.

Zombies will be extremely weak when exposed to UV light so they will need to be careful and stick to the shadows. However, they will be equipped with the ability to use their tentacles so they can easily grapple their way through buildings, and if the zombies manage to remain undetected, they can easily kill off the humans by just a grapple. Human players will have the ability to use their survival instincts to highlight nearby zombies on the mini-map and zombies can do the same by using the howl.


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