WhatsApp is a god when it comes to instant messaging but there’s a new version of WhatsApp available on the official website. This new version of WhatsApp is not yet available on the Android playstore but you can download the APK and install it manually on your Android device. This new WhatsApp Plus will comes with some new features and major improvements that are not available in the previous version. Check out some of the new themes of WhatsApp Plus:

New Themes:

This new version of WhatsApp comes with more than 700 customizable themes which can be used to change the appearance of the app completely. The user can customize the app the way the user prefers.


WhatsApp comes with more dynamic and good looking emoticons that are not available in the old version. The emoticons looks very similar to those available on Google Hangout. However, it’s mandatory to have the same version of WhatsApp in order to see these emoticons. In other words, both the parties need to have WhatsApp Plus installed on their Android device.

Online Visibility:

In the current version of WhatsApp, everyone can see your online presence. However, in this new version you can hide your online presence. Keep in mind, enabling this feature will not let you view the online status of your friends either. In other words, WhatsApp+ offers more privacy options that WhatsApp.

File Sharing:

The current version of WhatsApp only allows you to upload the videos/pictures upto 16MB. However, you can read our guide on How to increase WhatsApp Upload File Size.  On the other hand, if you don’t want to edit the settings of WhatsApp, you can download this version that offers file uploading up to 50MB.

Extra Features of WhatsApp Plus:

There a some extra features that are absent in the current version. With these features you can customize the appearance of the app and its settings. You can also customize the following areas:

  • The size and appearance of your popup notifications.
  • The header, color and size of icons, text as well as the contacts avatars.

Some Screenshots of the App:


Download WhatsApp Plus 6.70 APK on Android