Dragon Age Inquisiton is really a worthy game to play but how would you feel when you find that your save file just got corrupted. This situation had happened to me once. At that time, I’ve just start setting up the Skyhold and the next day, I started my Dragon Age Inquisition and find that there’s no Continue button. All I can see is the New Game so I clicked on load game and I got the message that congratulations your save file is corrupted.

I was really desperate at that time but after doing a lot of search. Luckily I found a fix to recover corrupted save file. The fix is really simple and those who got their save file corrupted and are going to start a new game. They should first read this fix.

How to fix the corrupted save file on Dragon Age Inquisition:

Go to the save directory (Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age Inquisition/save) and delete the .DAS file with the most recent timestamp (that’s the only one that is corrupt. Hopefully you are like me and keep at least 2 or 3 different save files. Launch the game and go to load game and start playing the game from where you left. You have just lost the most recent save file and nothing else.


  1. Sooo…. your “fix” for a corrupted save file is to delete it and load one that isn’t corrupted instead? Groundbreaking, really.

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