T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 is the recent in line to get the Un-Official CM 12 Update. Samsung has not officially release Android Lollipop 5.0 on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 but thanks to CyanogenMod the device owners can taste the Lollipop in shape of Custom Rom build by CM. CyanogenMod is known for its butter smooth experience with their stable releases and with nightly builds as well. This is un-official and may have some issues, but those issues are not big enough to hold you from upgrading.

As we mentioned earlier this is not an official CM 12 Rom by CyanogenMod and is still in Alpha State. With the passage of time many changes will come and bugs will be removed. So far, only known issues this Un-official CM 12 update are that the volume is noticeably low in video recording and WiFi calling doesn’t work and there could be more. In this guide we will tell you how to install CM 12 Un-official update on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4. It is a custom ROM so your device needs to rooted.

Pre Installation Checks:

This Custom Rom is only for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4
Battery must be at least 60%
Bootloader of your device must be unlocked
TWRP, a custom recovery software, must be installed. (We are using it in this guide.)
Make sure your device is rooted
Back-up all your important data before flashing


The methods involved in flashing custom recoveries, roms and rooting your phone are highly custom and may result in bricking your device, and has nothing to do with Google or the device manufacturer that is Samsung in our case. Also rooting your device will void its warranty and you will be no longer eligible for any kind of free device services by the manufacturers/warranty providers. In case of any mishap we may not be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any mishap or bricking. Make sure that whatever you do, you are doing it at your own responsibility.


Download CyanogenMod 12 here
Google Apps: Link

How to install Unofficial CM 12 Custom Rom on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4:

  1. Connect your Android Device with PC
  2. Paste the downloaded custom rom anywhere on your sdcard
  3. Turn off your device and wait for 10 secs. Then turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home Button + Power Key
    simultaneously to boot in Recovery Mode.
  4. Click On Back-Up and Select System and Data
  5. Swipe the slider
  6. Tap on Wipe and select Data >> System >> Cache
  7. Again Swipe the confirmation slider
  8. Hop back to Main Menu and tap install button
  9. Locate CM and Gapps and Swipe the Slider To install it
  10. Once the installation is completed Reboot the device

Keep one-thing in mind, if you are coming from a different Custom Rom than you will have to factory reset your device before installing CyanogenMod 12.


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