Here is yet another way to drain your phone Battery. 9GAG Redhead Redemption, Developed by 9GAG, is an extra-ordinary Zombie experience. At first it looks like a normal Zombie game but wait until you know that Redhead Redemption includes a “Gun Slinging Baby” isn’t it sweet. Redhead Sister “May” and her little brother “George” take things in their own hands when they have to face the Zombie Apocalypse while their parents are gone. The running, dodging, slashing and killing zombies experience will consume your life and device battery as well.

120+ stages of 9GAG Redhead Redemption, filled with killing fun, can be played on PC and MAC as well. So, if your Android Mobile battery is not in good condition or you have some old mobile which doesn’t support the game – don’t worry we got you covered. Here we will tell you how to install 9GAG Redhead Redemption on PC and MAC.

First lets take a look some salient features of the this kick ass Zombie Encounter.

  • Story Mode
  • Endless Mode
  • Nightmare Mode
  • Tilt or tap option to move
  • Automatic shooting
  • 120+ stages filled with killing fun
  • Countless zombies to destroy
  • Fight evil zombie bosses
  • Plenty of weapons to choose from (Potato Gun, anyone?)
  • Recruit stray cats as your support! (Sounds Pretty Cool)
  • Upgrades that keep upgrading
  • Power-ups

How to Install 9GAG Redhead Redemption on PC or MAC:

  • Install BlueStacks on your PC/MAC.
  • Download 9GAG Redhead Redemption Apk
  • Double Click downloaded 9GAG Redhead Redemption Apk and enjoy the Ultimate Zombie Game on your PC or MAC.


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