If you are new in Dragon City then you know it already that hatching an egg takes a lot of time. Eggs are hatched from the hatchery. You need to click the ‘Buy Egg’ button to purchase an egg. Eggs usually takes a lot of time to hatch and you can speed up the process of hatching by using the Gems. We have written a complete article on how to get more Gems in Dragon City. You can follow that guide and earn good amount of Gems. Once the eggs are hatched you need to choose where to place the dragon. The hatchery can be upgraded three times and each time you upgrade increases the number of eggs to store in the hatchery.

The Hatchery can be upgraded three times:

Upgrade 1 (can now hold 2 Dragon eggs): 15 Gems

Upgrade 2 (can now hold 3 Dragon eggs): 30 Gems

Upgrade 3 (can now hold 4 Dragon eggs): 60 Gems