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If you want to earn more Gold and Gems then you need to master the combats. In Dragon City, combat works on the basis of strengths and weaknesses each dragon has. If you choose a wrong dragon during a battle, then the result will be only loss. So, in order to avoid any silly losses you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your dragons.

Here is the list of all the strengths and weakness of the Dragons:

Earth Dragons:

Strong Against: None

Weak Against: Ice, Water and Metal

Resistant To: Electric and Fire

Resisted By: Metal and Water


Water Dragons:

Strong Against: Earth, Fire and Electric

Weak Against: Fire and Dark

Resistant To: Earth, Water and Plant

Resisted By: Ice


Fire Dragons:

Strong Against: Ice, Water and Plant

Weak Against: Water and Electric

Resistant To: Ice, Metal, Plant and Fire

Resisted By: Metal, Earth and Fire


Metal Dragons:

Strong Against: Ice and Earth

Weak Against: Electric

Resistant To: Fire, Earth and Metal

Resisted By: Electric and Fire


Ice Dragons:

Strong Against: Earth

Weak Against: Fire and Metal

Resistant To: Water

Resisted By: Fire


Plant Dragons:

Strong Against: Water

Weak Against: Earth and Ice

Resistant To: Dark

Resisted By: Fire


Electric Dragons:

Strong Against: Fire and Metal

Weak Against: Water

Resistant To: Electric and Metal

Resisted By: Earth

You can check the elements of your dragon by looking at the stats. You will also get the idea to which you need to pay attention to. If you have any questions don’t forget to write them in the comments.