how to get gems in dragon city

Gems are considered as the premium currency of Dragon City and they are used to speed up a variety of processes in the video game like the egg hatching process. Why they are considered premium is because you can convert it into Food or Gold. You can also use it to upgrade the Hatchery, unlock new islands, new items and expansion of your current city.

You can buy these Gems with the real money, but unlikely the other Facebook video games it is possible to earn gems by other means too. Let me tell you how you can earn more gems without spending any real to get gems in dragon city

  • If you are new in Dragon City, then you need to know that you will get a Gem every time you level up. They won’t be enough, but you should know about it.
  • Gems can also be earned in the stadium and combat world leagues. But the condition you have to win in order to get the Gem.
  • Many quests in Dragon City reward you with a Gem. Breeding the hybrid dragons will normally give you some Gems as a reward.
  • Complete various parts of books of Gems and you will earn more Gems. You will get 5 Gems for completing the Legendary Dragons Collection.
  • You can also get more Gems by taking part in surveys and different offers.



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