Many Android users are shifting from Google Chrome to Dolphin Browser because of stability and some major improvements over the past years. In these years we have seen some major changes in Dolphin browser, especially the support of Flash and beautiful themes in the recent update. Some new users, however, are still trying to understand its settings because it’s  a bit complicated if you ask me. So for those who are having difficulties understanding the settings of the browser today, I will share with you the best settings for the Dolphin browser.
dolphin browser

Optimal Settings for Dolphin Browser for Android;

When you’re in the settings of Dolphin Browser, you will find an option. “UserAgent = Mobile”. Change it to “Desktop”. Now every website will open the way you see on your desktop or laptop.

After this, Now its time to change the content settings. Change the settings to these:

  •   Text size = large
    . Default zoom = medium
    . Open pages in overview = disabled

These text settings are for those who browser mostly in portrait mode. If you don’t use portrait mode for browsing then you can change the text size to medium.


And there you have it the best settings for Dolphin Browser. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.






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