WiFiKill, a life saver app for those on shared networks. With this small aap you can kill the WiFi of any device on a same network. So, if your Gangnam Style is loading slow because someone is streaming Justin Bieber you can simply grab that device and kill its WiFi connection. The app can actually be used in many wrong ways and more serious threats are attached to it than simply turning off a device. Thus, it was removed from Google Play Store. But luckily WiFiKill apk is available for download and can be installed very easily.

Features of WiFiKill:
1. Show network names of the grabbed devices. (If the option is enabled in preferences of the app)
2. Show traffic consumption of a grabbed device, so you can easily monitor how much bandwidth your targeted device is consuming.
3. Grabbed Device’s internet can be disabled via WiFiKill.
4. The app also shows you what other people are using internet for, what they are downloading and browsing.
5. The app is completely Tablet friendly.

Early Checks:
1. The Android Version installed on your device must be 4.0 or above.
2. Your device must be rooted.

How to install WiFiKill apk:
1. Download WiFiKill APK file here
2. Turn on Unknown sources. (Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources)
3. Search for the WiFiKill apk file you just downloaded
4. Once Located, initiate the install by opening and grant all the permissions to app to complete the install successfully.

How to use WiFiKill Application:
1. Turn on your Wifi and open the app.
2. When opened, press the play button on top of the app.
3. Now the app will start searching for all the devices connected to the Wireless Internet Network.
4. Grant Super User Permissions when asked. (That’s why rooting is essential)
5. Once the scan is completed all the devices connect to the Wireless Internet Network will be listed.
6. To see the Network Names as well go to preferences of the app and check Show Network Names.
7. Now select the device and slide the grab button to see all the data related to that grabbed device.
8. If the device is found guilty simply slide the kill button and that particular device will loose Internet Connectivity.

Thanks all folks! Do let us know how you plan to use this little app. And we also hope you all will put it to a good use.



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