Android has always been flexible in its approach whether its customization of downloading video whereas on the other hand things are pretty much different in iOS. We are talking about Facebook Videos here in specific. In Android when you tap on a video it gives you an option to download because Android OS has built-in default Download Manager, in iOS there is no such option. We are here to provide a solution and show some simple steps on how to download videos from Facebook.

Yes you heard right, you can actually download Facebook videos in your iphone and watch them over and over again offline. There is a simple Download Manager which allows iPhone users to download videos from Facebook, without much of the hassle, provided they login their Facebook via the Downloader itself. This might alarm some people but don’t worry its safe and Apple won’t let any such application, which intends to get hold of your private information, on their App Store. They do have some really strict quality controls. Anyways, without wasting any further time lets jump to the guide.


How to download Facebook Videos on iPhone:

1. Download Video Downloader Plus
2. Install the app
3. Open the app login with your Facebook Account
4. Once logged in successfully you can browse everything normally
5. Here comes the fun part. While watching a video tap and hold onto it.
6. After that Tap Download >> Add to Camera Roll

That’s it! Video is added in your Camera Roll successfully. Now you can access and watch it whenever you want.

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