Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists, for which gamers has been waiting for an eternity,finally released a trailer and bunch of screenshots showing the awesomeness of it. With the looks shown in trailer it seems like the delay for Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists was worth a wait. Checkout the official screenshots and trailer  below revealing the breathtaking views of GTA V Online Heists.

If we recall correctly, gamers had a bad experience with GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360 due to lag and technical issues. But fortunately most of them are fixed by Rockstar in remastered version of PS4 and Xbox One. An online update for Grand Theft Auto V Heists is expected in 2015 but exact date is yet to be announced. We hope its not Christmas 2015 when we get the update.

What do you think is it just a temporary hype or Rockstar will actually release it in 2015.