iPhone users are not used to big screen sizes. iPhone 6 plus has a gigantic 5.5 inch screen which makes it impossible to be used with one hand only, anything above 5 inches is really hard to use with one hand. But unlike others, Apple came to the rescue and released a new and innovative feature named “Reachability” which enables users to use iPhone 6 one hand only. What Reachability actually do is that it makes the whole screen more reachable with one hand, people who already used iPhone 6 plus would know that its impossible to reach the whole screen with one hand.

How to activate Reachability on iPhone 6 Plus:

1. Double tap the home button on the screen you want to engage Reachability on.
2. Activation of Reachability will lower down the screen and make objects on the top reachable with one hand.
3. After few seconds your screen will return to normal position or you can also double tap the home button again to de-activate Reachability.

This simple innovation made this 5.5 Inch giant one-handed device.