Yesterday we break the news about Baidu Spyware in Sony’s mobiles that send your personal data to China Server automatically. Now we have the way to stop Baidu spyware working.

Stop Baidu Spyware

Steps to disable Baidu Spyware Working:

  1. Backup your important data and factory reset the device.
  2. Turn on the device and go to Settings -> Apps -> Runningand Force stop both “MyXperia” apps.
  3. Then remove the baidu folder using File Kommander app or any other 3rd party application.
  4. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Click 7 timeson the Build Number to enable developer mode.
  5. Download or Install the Android SDK on your computer and then connect the Sony device to it using USB cable.
  6. Run the adb tool terminal : adb shell 
  7. In adb shell, type the command: pm block
  8. Exit adb shell
  9. Reboot the device.


Till now Officials not respond on the Baidu , however the company is recognized and has said that in the next release the problem will be fixed . Unless Sony can roll out some kind of fix in the near future then it seems you might have to wait until Lollipop rolls out in January before you can get rid of Baidu.