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Twitter announced a new tool for developer on Twitter first annual developer conference. This tool will allow user to log-in to mobile app using their phone number rather than a username and password.

The new service will be called “Digits” . This service work in similar way to Whatsapp, SnapChat ,Viber and some other applications that rely on verified users phone numbers for sign –in rather than passwords.


On the other hand social networking companies like Facebook encouraged third-party developers to develop their own product and serve on top of the platform whereas Twitter never provide this opportunity and always tried to reassert control over its product and platform .But the new move will defiantly attract some developers.

According to the app developer Marco Arment, Twitter can’t be trusted again. “We’re just innocent bystanders getting hit whenever this fundamentally insecure, jealous, unstable company changes direction, which happens every few years,” wrote Arment, who most recently developed Overcast, an app for listening to podcasts. “Twitter will never, and should never, have any credibility with developers again.”

How “DIGITS” Works:

Digits uses SMS messages to control access to registered users. When developers add Digit to its application, he user will be able to sign-in to that application using his or her mobile phone number.

Once the user enter the phone number, Twitter will send a verification code to their number Via SMS . User enter the confirmation code to log-in and have access to application .Note that this verification code is only for one time and will be expire after the user use it.

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