Google Invox

Google offers a totally new and better experience of its mailing service , the company has launched a new email service, an alternative to Gmail , called “Inbox” on Wednesday that aims to make email more useful and preview the next generation capabilities.

Note one thing , Inbox will not replace Gmail, he company’s popular 10-year-old email product, instead it will sit next to its Gmail service and will provide users’ better organize their emails with live alerts for appointments, flight bookings and package deliveries in a more user-friendly way.

Inbox 1

According to officials, the Inbox service was designed to deal with the problem of getting too many mails, in which the urgent and important messages got lost. Inbox solves this problem and displays only real-time updates to emails.

google inbox 2

Other Features of Inbox Include:

  • Easily organize custom message bundles.
  • Red + button help you in speed dialing.
  • By swiping, you can mark your task as done.
  • Find travel docs, photos and other critical information without opening the email.