HTC One (M8 Eye)

HTC recently launched a bundle of smartphones including HTC One (M8 Eye) in China and India. The smartphone have the amazing 13MP Dual Camera. Yes, 13MP Dual Camera. The smartphone called HTC One (M8 Eye) that is quite similar to the original version named HTC One M8.HTC One (M8 Eye)

HTC One (M8 Eye) is currently available in China but we got a bad news for Europe as this smartphone won’t making its way to Europe. HTC Branch Manager announced today that this smartphone is only designed for the limited number of markets especially China and India. So, with this statement it is clear that you can only hold this smartphone if you are living in China and India.

By the way, coming to other hand HTC branch manager also mentioned that HTC Dot View case is company’s most successful accessory ever and you will surely see this more in near future.


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