After the official announcement of Android new OS Android 5.0 Known as Lollipop. Many applications are adapting the Material Design and other features. Nova Launcher is considering as the no 1 launcher for android phone. The new update of Nova Launcher adapts many features of Android L.

The developer was able to adapt some of the expected features from Lollipop like the circle folder animation, scroll indicators, and even the icon theme applied to the calculator, clock, contacts, downloads, email, dialer, settings and SMS. While it may not be exactly the same as the Lollipop, this is still a preview of what your smartphone will look like once the new Android update has rolled out. Kevin Barry from TeslaCoil, the developer of the app, says that he is also working on getting a Lollipop app drawer animation, but it will be part of the next phase.

Nova Launcher not only supports Android 4.3 but also Android 4.0, which is good news for the android user that they can use the Lollipop features without updating their mobiles. If you don’t have Nova Launcher yet , download if for free from the  Google Play Store and use the Lollipop features until Lollipop is officially rolled out.

Images of Nova Launcher:


Nova Launcher 3

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher 2


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